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Lucknow`s top music school for learning Guitar, Piano, & all Indian-Western Music Instruments.  Also offers Singing, Dancing & In-house audio recording studio Facility. 

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Fully AC | CCTV secured | Hygienic Washrooms | Children Safe facilities | Admission for 2024 open!

top guitar course in lucknow at house of musicians academy lucknow

House of Musicians best 6-Month Guitar Course in Lucknow City

- Suited for all age groups, 2-3 Hours sessions, Unlimited practice sessions

Did  you ever wanted to strum Bollywood hits or jam along to your favorite folk tunes? This 6-month guitar course at House of Musicians Music School in Lucknow  is your ticket to musical mastery! Designed for complete beginners, belonging to any age group, we'll guide you from zero to hero, using familiar guitar Bollywood song examples and keeping learning fun and easy to understand.

What to expect in Guitar Classes at House of Musicians Lucknow

  • Weekly modules: Bite-sized chunks of learning, perfect for busy schedules.
  • Learn Hindi film songs! We'll use popular music to teach you chords, rhythms, and techniques.
  • Focus on Indian music: Explore Bollywood, folk, Hindustani classical, and more!
  • Simple explanations: No confusing music theory, just practical learning you can use right away.
  • Practice tips and tricks: Learn how to practice effectively and avoid common mistakes.
  • Supportive community: Connect with fellow students and share your progress.

Weekly Modules |Guitar Classes at House of Musicians LucknowBreakdown:

best guitar classes in lucknow top guitar course in lucknow at house of musicians academy lucknow
best guitar classes in lucknow top guitar course in lucknow at house of musicians academy lucknow

Month 1:

  • Getting started: Meet your guitar, learn basic parts, tuning, and holding the instrument.
  • Strumming basics: Master open chords like G, C, D, and E, using popular Bollywood songs.
  • Rhythm & counting: Develop your sense of rhythm with simple beats and clapping patterns.
  • Practice routine: Learn how to structure your practice sessions for maximum results.

Month 2:

  • Chord progressions: Learn to connect chords and play full song sections, like the intro to "Chak De India".
  • Fingerpicking: Introduce fingerpicking patterns for melodies and intricate arrangements.
  • Barre chords: Unlock more chords with this essential technique, used in songs like "Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham".
  • Basic music theory: Understand the building blocks of music in a simple, practical way.

Month 3:

  • Scales & improvisation: Learn to play scales and start improvising melodies like your favorite guitar heroes.
  • Playing with a pick: Master pick strumming techniques for faster tempos and rhythmic patterns.
  • Advanced chords: Explore barré chords further and learn more complex chord shapes.
  • Playing by ear: Start recognizing melodies and chords by ear, like learning a folk song by ear.

Month 4:

  • Raga basics: Explore the fascinating world of Indian classical music, starting with simple ragas.
  • Fingerstyle techniques: Learn fingerstyle patterns used in Indian classical and fusion music.
  • Tuning variations: Experiment with different tunings used in Indian music for unique sounds.
  • Performance tips: Prepare for your first performance, learn stage presence and confidence-building techniques.

Month 5:

  • Advanced strumming patterns: Develop your rhythmic skills with intricate strumming patterns used in Bollywood and folk music.
  • Improvising with ragas: Apply your improvisation skills to create your own melodic interpretations of ragas.
  • Composing your own music: Start composing simple songs or riffs, drawing inspiration from Indian melodies.
  • Music technology: Explore using apps, software, and effects to enhance your playing.

Month 6:

  • Genre exploration: Deep dive into your favorite Indian music styles, learning specific techniques and songs.
  • Refine your skills: Polish your playing, address weaknesses, and set new goals for your musical journey.
  • Celebration performance: Showcase your skills in a final performance with your fellow students.


  • Practice regularly, even if it's just for 15 minutes per day.
  • Have fun! Music is meant to be enjoyed, so don't get discouraged if you make mistakes.
  • Connect with other students and share your learning journey.