House of Musicians - Lucknow`s top music instrument learning school
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Lucknow`s top music school for learning Guitar, Piano, & all Indian-Western Music Instruments.  Also offers Singing, Dancing & In-house audio recording studio Facility. 

Admission - 0998824701 | 08303203096

Fully AC | CCTV secured | Hygienic Washrooms | Children Safe facilities | Admission for 2024 open!

Awaken Your Inner Artist: House of Musicians, Lucknow’s Top Music Learning Courses

Lucknow, the City of Nawabs, whispers tales of artistic grandeur. But what if you, too, could become part of this vibrant tapestry? House of Musicians throws open its doors, inviting you to unleash your inner artist, paint with melodies, and dance to the rhythm of your soul.

We offer a symphony of Music Instrument learning experiences in Lucknow for all age groups:

1. Guitar Classes in Lucknow : Strum Your Soul into Song

  • USP: The Versatile Rockstar: From flamenco fire to bluesy chills, the guitar adapts to your every mood. Master strumming chords, fingerpicking melodies, and even electric solos with our structured yet dynamic curriculum on guitar

2. Piano Classes in Lucknow : Compose Your Symphony of Emotions

  • USP: The Orchestral Architect: Your fingertips become an orchestra with the piano. Craft hauntingly beautiful classical pieces, soulful jazz improvisations, or even pop chart-toppers with our comprehensive training.

3. Flute Classes in Lucknow: Breathe life into Melodies

  • USP: The Poetic Voice: Let your emotions take flight on the wings of the flute. Master traditional tunes, contemporary compositions, and even Bollywood favorites with our expert guidance.

4. Singing Classes in Lucknow: Let Your Voice Soar High

  • USP: The Instrument Within: Your voice is your unique instrument. Learn vocal techniques, explore diverse genres, and discover your own range and power with our personalized coaching.

5. Dance Classes in Lucknow: Move Your Body, Speak Your Story

  • USP: The Universal Language: From graceful Bharatanatyam to energetic Bollywood moves, dance speaks volumes without a word. Hone your skills, explore different styles, and find your rhythm with our dedicated instructors.
    5 star rated guitar learning music academy in lucknow house of musicians academy

Why Choose House of Musicians? for any knd of music instrument learning in Lucknow in 2024

  • Experience that Inspires: Learn from renowned musicians who are not just teachers, but mentors and passionate artists themselves.
  • Tailored to You: We cater to all ages, skill levels, and musical aspirations.
  • Fun & Engaging: Music becomes a playground with interactive lessons, performance opportunities, and a vibrant community to connect with.
  • State-of-the-art Facilities: Practice in well-equipped studios with top-notch instruments and technology.
  • Affordable Excellence: We offer flexible packages and financial options to make your musical journey accessible.

Ready to join the melody?

Contact House of Musicians today for a free trial lesson and experience the magic firsthand.

Bonus: Unforgettable Performances

Showcase your newfound skills! Participate in our regular recitals, workshops, and community events. Share your passion, celebrate milestones, and build lasting memories.

House of Musicians is more than just a music school; it's a family, a community, and a launchpad for your artistic dreams. Come, turn up the volume on your life!

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Let the music move you, Lucknow!

Also record your song at 199 only in Lucknow at our state of art recording studio

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